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GPS Tracker TK106

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TK106 GPS Tracker


Ha koll på din ATV - Bil - Båt - Entreprenad maskin


Ja allt som du vill ha lite extra koll på! Du ser positionen i realtid där du monterat TK106.


6 dygn på batteridrift eller använd den med laddkabel för fast montage.


Ring upp den och få kordinaterna som SMS eller använd auto läge så skickar den larm om någon förflyttning sker!



 Features  specification  

(under översättning, vid frågor ring gärna 0176-779 49)

1 The minimum interval for data sending of TK102 is 30 seconds, but with  the new ARM7 solution, TK106 can reach as 5 seconds.


 2 Data adds direction, altitude, battery voltage, charging status, number of satellites, the length of the GPRS string, GSM ID (includes MCC, MNC, cell ID) .


3 The commands can be sent to the tracker by GPRS tracking server directly but not only by telephone SMS .


4 There is shock sensor built in TK106, the unit will send an alert to the user at once when it been shook or hit heavily .


5 TK106 can store GPS data  without extra memory card if GPRS is disconnection, and will send the data to platform when the GPRS reconnected.


6 For auto tracking,you don't need to send the coordinates if the moving distance is less than 50 meters .


7 Longer standby time. TK102 can work lasting for about 48 hours, but TK106 can be work more than 150 hours .

8 The new ARM7 solution offer us much more power and space for programming, so we can offer more customized requirements and performance 

9 It is much easier to modify the software.

10 TK106 has a traffic mode and sleep function. When there is no command to execute, TK106 will sleep to save power.



Auto Report position. Send the last location if it enters into the blind area. 

Add or change Username and Password. 

Monitoring mode and SOS button. 

It will send an alert of Geofence to the user when it breaches the restricted area. 

It will send an alert of movement to the user when it begins to move. 

It will send an alert of overspeed to the user when it moves exceed of the restricted speed. 

It will send an alert of low battery to the user if the battery is low.



. Storlek:                  64mm x 46mm x 17mm
. Band:                     850/900/1800/1900Mhz.
. Mobilnät:                GSM/GPRS.
. GPS Chip:               SIRF3 Chip.
. GPS Känslighet:      -159dBm.
. GPS rörelse:            5m.
. Vikt:                       50g.
. Laddare 1:             12-24V in, 5V ut.
. Laddare 2:             110-220V in, 5V ut.
. Batteri:                  2st 3.7V, 800mAh Li-ion
. standby tid:            Upp till 6 dagar



 How does it work:


1. You will need to insert a working sim card into the GPS unit. Whenever you send a text message to the unit it will respond with coordinates of where it is located. You can use these coordinates on any mapping software (for example google earth) which will show where exactly your object is. 


2. You  can send command to the gps, change the text masage to google map link. so you can check the link directly.  


3. You can request the unit to constantly send you coordinates at specific intervals (minimum 20sec), or send you x number of positions every i.e. 30 sec.   



Vad som ingår:

  • GPS Tracker Drive x 1  
  • Vattentät väska x 1 
  • 220V laddare x 1 
  • 12-24V laddare x 1
  • Batteri x 2 
  • CD (GPS mjukvara) x 1 
  • Användar manual x 1


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