Prime DC 4X Digital Prime DC 4X Digital Prime DC 4X Digital Prime DC 4X Digital Prime DC 4X Digital

Prime DC 4X Digital

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Consumer night vision has just taken another leap forward - introducing the Prime Digital Colour Monocular!

Unlike conventional night vision equipment, the Prime Digital Colour Monocular uses a very sensitive colour CCD camera and digital display (instead of an image intensifier tube). This means that the unit cannot be damaged by exposure to light. Unlike most digital units, the camera and display in the Prime uses dual technology, so that the image is displayed in colour in high light conditions, but switches to more IR sensitive black and white when light levels are low.

An on-board infra red illuminator provides invisible IR illumination to allow the unit to make an excellent image in zero light, while a manual gain control function allows the sensitivity of the sensor to be controlled by the user for the best possible image under varying lighting conditions.

The Prime DC is compact, rugged and easy to use, and will open up a whole new night-time World for you that was previously hidden by darkness.

The unit is available in two configurations - Prime DC 4X offers fixed four times magnification, while Prime DC 6X offers fixed six times magnification.


SensorLow light Colour CCD
Battery TypeCR123A Lithium
Battery Life2.5 hours (depending on IR use)
Infra RedYes, built in.
FOV12 degrees
Range of Focus2 metres to infinity


  • 4X Model
  • Colour image changes to mono in low light
  • Colour display
  • Adjustable Gain/Brightness control
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Uses a single CR123A lithium battery
  • Tripod-mountable
  • Limited 2 year warranty

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