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Armytek Dobermann Pro, även som vapenmonterad

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Armytek Dobermann Pro även som vapenmonterad

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Color temperature: White
Light & Optics
LED light output: 1700lm
Beam distance: 395m
Optics : Smooth reflector
Stabilization of brightness : FULL (constant brightness)
Hotspot: 5°
Spill: 40°
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter: 34mm
Length: 140mm
Body diameter: 25.4mm
Weight (without batteries): 115g
Body & Durability
Body material :
Aircraft-grade aluminium
Body anti-abrasive finish :
Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof & Submersible: 50m
Waterproof and dustproof standard : IP68 (highest)
Operation temperature: -25..+40 °C
Impact Resistance: 30m
Modes & Electronics
Power source:
1x18650 Li-Ion / 2x18350 Li-Ion / 2xR123 Li-Ion / 2xCR123A
Number of modes: 9
Runtime for maximal mode: 1h
Runtime for minimal mode: 200 days
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact:

Protection from accidental switch-on:


Model Dobermann Pro XHP35 HI Dobermann Pro XP-L HI

LED Cree XHP35 High Intensity Cree XP-L High Intensity

Optics Smooth Reflector

Brightness stabilization type FULL (constant light)

Light output, LED / OTF lumens* 1700

Hotspot / spill 5° / 4 0°

Beam distance* 395 meters

Turbo2 1400 lm / 1h

Turbo1 800 lm / 1.7h

Main3 350 lm / 4h

Main2 150 lm / 10.5h

Main1 30 lm / 50h

Firefly2 1.7 lm / 40d

Firefly1 0.15 lm / 200d

Strobe2 15Hz / 1400 lm / 2h

Strobe1 15Hz / 150 lm / 22h



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